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Reviews for The Games People Play

asprickman2012.11.28 - 07:18PM1: 1Signed
So glad you let your characters dictate to you, together you've done a marvelous job! I'm really glad this didn't go down the expected threesome route, I likethe way you deal with the level friendship between Severus and Lucius and glad Hermione had scruples. I shall continue with more of your stories, thanks, I really enjuoyed this :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much glad to hear you enjoyed the story.

loreen772011.12.18 - 04:52PM1: 1Signed
Very fun and sexy.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for saying so. :)

Jadecadence2011.05.13 - 08:53PM1: 1Signed
I came here, after reading another story of yours that I had reviewed. Keep at it! you get better and better! :D And even if your Snape is sometimes (to me) out-of-character, but you're the writer, so you should have fun with him! :D

Author's Response: Thanks, this one is a bit longer, twelve chapters in all, so a bit more time to develop the story. I know some people see my Snape as a bit OOC. But my stories take place years after the war, so I can't believe that Severus wouldn't have evolved into someone different from the cruel, angry, bitter man he appeared to be in the HP series. If he remained that man why would Hermione ever fall in love with him? (although you will see a bit of cruel, angry Severus in this story, but he redeems himself before the end). Thanks for reading and commenting, I do appreciate it. :)

Persevero2010.03.10 - 08:28AM1: 1Signed
I'm glad you decided to take in that direction - threesomes may be hot, but Severus totally doesn't strike me as a man who would share.

Author's Response: Glad you like the ending. :)

Maria2010.03.08 - 07:48PM1: 1Signed
LOL!!! Great stuff!! I'd love to know, however, what Lucius and Severus were up to just before they arrived ^_^ :)

Author's Response: Don't have any details. But I figure they are just a couple of boys out on the town, maybe they were playing a practical joke on someone. Now that it's several years post war they can just kick back and relax a bit.

Rosmerta2010.03.06 - 08:10PM1: 1Signed
Ooh, another thought: I think you must follow up and tell us what kind of prank Sev and Lucius were apparently playing before they made it to the party! Sequel? Consequences that Hermione must rescue Severus from?? And what's happened to Narcissa??

Author's Response: Hmm... all very good questions, my dear. Something to consider I'm sure. And as for Narcissa I think she and Lucius had an amicable divorce and she's remarried now to an Italian wizard and they are living in the South of France. :)

Rosmerta2010.03.06 - 08:09PM1: 1Signed
Very sweet! I love the way your characters wouldn't cooperate with you. From the little writing I've done, I know exactly what you mean - they do have minds of their own! I like it that Hermione backed out like that - she's too scrupulous to get her man with a trick...

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review, I'm glad you liked it. And it's so very true, I really had this hot threesome planned but they just wouldn't let me write it that way. LOL

Fizzabella2010.03.06 - 02:32PM1: 1Signed
This was light-hearted and charming:) And fun! I've never yet found a way to stick to my own storyline when my characters decide to tell a story their own way. This was delightful:) Brava! Fizzabella

Author's Response: So glad you liked it. :) Isn't it funny how they just take control of your story sometimes! LOL

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