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Reviews for They're Hanging Me Tonight

Annastasia Cooper2013.12.15 - 12:26PM1: They're Hanging Me TonightSigned
dunno but have you published it on fanfiction.net too? I've read it a long time ago and was desperiately searching for it again, finally found it here. WOW so sad, I hate it when people are saying ff don't make sense, cuz for the author they always do, and were J.K.R. an author here I'm sure they would've told her that parts of her story wouldn't make sense, either. Anyway, gave me chills, hate to read he's going to die - again, but I somehow enjoyed reading.

loreen772011.10.28 - 06:40AM1: They're Hanging Me TonightSigned
Different. A little confusing. It is difficult to ffollow hg's rationale, but you got across ss' feelings better.

Author's Response: Remember, you're only seeing Snape's pov here. He doesn't understand her rationale either.

WnL6242011.02.26 - 08:04AM1: They're Hanging Me TonightSigned
That was terrible for all involved. Still, I was perplexed by Hermione`s behaviour, which just seemed weird. Thanks.

Author's Response: This was one of the first fics I ever wrote so it's due for a major overhaul - which will hopefully address things a little more.

Overhill2010.11.29 - 10:22PM1: They're Hanging Me TonightSigned
"You're old! You're sad!" Wow, what did she see in him in the first place to have accepted his proposal? Or to keep writing to him?

IWannaBeASlytherin2010.04.16 - 06:42PM1: They're Hanging Me TonightSigned
Oooh. It gave me chills. Extremely well written. I liked the last paragraph or so in particular. Can't pin down the exact reason though. Lol. Anyway, great job! :)

tjturtle2010.04.11 - 05:10AM1: They're Hanging Me TonightSigned
I wasn't going to review until I saw a review comparing you to Emmeline Grangerford... I would like to say you are far better than her. I'm pretty sure the purpose of her character was Mark Twain making fun of over-dramatic poets, and what you write is nothing like that. This story is wonderful. Keep writing!

buffyslayer2010.03.28 - 05:18PM1: They're Hanging Me TonightSigned
Perfect! Just what I was looking for...

NaperianWriter2010.03.23 - 02:40PM1: They're Hanging Me TonightSigned
check plus

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