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Reviews for Catspaws

Jong_Kahn2010.03.04 - 04:19PM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
I know it's relatively early in the story, but I would like it if Severus and Hermione can reveal their secrets to one another in this next chapter. Not only will they be released from their current "deery" state, but I am sure you will have many other impediments they will have to overcome before they're happy. But this way, they'll at least KNOW! (And Severus can fight it all he'd like, but will have to face the fact that bringing THAT secret to light DID free them!)

MysticRaven2010.03.03 - 10:54PM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
I'm curious to know what Duster and Crooks are up to. They ran into the forest and have not been heard from since. I hope they are alright and did not run afoul of the less-than-kind denizens of the forest.

June W2010.03.03 - 06:55PM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
Yay for the Fae! So, the Sidhe drove S&H to the Fae deliberately.... sort of playing with their prey? Did the familiars all get out safely? I suspect what Hermione says to Severus won't o the trick, so they'll be in their stag/doe forms for a wile. Will be interested in seeing if they can talk to their familiars in this form. Thanks for updating!

verasuspense2010.03.03 - 06:07PM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
Now if they can just avoid the centaurs and the acromatulas, they should meet Crookshanks and/or Duster some time soon. I suppose the cats will be able to speak with them. Ironic that Hermione is now a doe. I wonder if Harry will think the stag is his father - and that Hermione is his mother?

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