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Reviews for Catspaws

PlaidPooka2018.09.19 - 02:49AM10: Chapter TenSigned
As always, this chapter pleases me enormously and makes me chuckle. And it's all too true, you know. I am very chocolate motivated. So glad you finished this one, Doomie. I'm really enjoying re-reading it.

Jong_Kahn2016.01.21 - 02:08AM10: Chapter TenSigned
I chuckled when I read the mention of the plaid pooka, since she is one of my favorite authors here. I believe you may be becoming one, too. I'm glad you've come back to write some more for us--thank you!

Author's Response: I've spent a couple years concentrating on my own stuff, but recently got inspired to finish up Catspaws. After that, who knows?

loreen772014.01.14 - 06:04AM10: Chapter TenSigned
Uh oh, what will happen next? great story so far.....off to the next chapter I run.

Mak Astral2010.03.14 - 10:16AM10: Chapter TenSigned
This is fantastic!!! I am really enjoying it. However, I do have one problem with it...at the end of PoA, I could have sworn that Sirius said that Crooks was helping him because they could talk to each other. Maybe I'm wrong but that was the impression I had.

iamtherealmaeverick2010.03.03 - 08:29AM10: Chapter TenSigned
I'm glad you've come back to this one. I just love all the pets. Hope you post more again soon! ~M

MysticRaven2010.03.02 - 11:29PM10: Chapter TenSigned
Yay! A new chapter! I certainly hope the next one is in the works, because I'm not sure if I'll survive the suspense. :)

verasuspense2010.03.02 - 07:59PM10: Chapter TenSigned
I hope Crookshanks and Duster followed their pets into the forest, and will race back to Hogwarts to get help. Minerva will be able to understand them if she takes a dose of the potion. Then Lucius and Hooch can ride to rescue on their brooms ! Oh, and the pooka ought to lend a - er -hoof as well.

Ravyn2010.03.02 - 04:06PM10: Chapter TenSigned
Yay!! an update!!

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