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Reviews for The Cruelty Of Irony

Destine2017.12.24 - 02:22AM1: The Cruelty Of IronySigned
Heartbreaking and bittersweet, but very well written.

loreen772015.06.10 - 01:11PM1: The Cruelty Of IronySigned
You are very talented at conveying great emotion with your writing. This was bitter sweet and sad, but the final image of him with his daughter was lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a review! - DF

GoldenGem2012.01.26 - 07:54AM1: The Cruelty Of IronySigned
I had tears come into my eyes when I read this story - it's beautiful. The only Malia I know is a place in Crete where all the young set gather but it's a lovely name.

Persevero2010.03.10 - 09:09AM1: The Cruelty Of IronySigned
*sniffle* Reading the other reviews, I can say that I was intrigued that you gave their daughter the name Malia, which I had only encountered as the name of an Obama daughter (there were only 29 Malias out of over a million births in Britain in 2005, the last year for which I have statistics, but presumably it will gain in popularity now) but it didn't jar so much as leave me wondering what the name meant. And, indeed, how it is pronounced - Mah'lia, or Mahlee'ah?

adelgado2010.02.25 - 01:53AM1: The Cruelty Of IronySigned
sad, but good

Loyd19572010.02.23 - 10:24AM1: The Cruelty Of IronySigned
So well done in such a short fic, but it said all that had to be said. Snape did get a start to happiness, but stolen again. His daughter is his only salvation for future happiness.

hallowsnape2010.02.21 - 03:04PM1: The Cruelty Of IronySigned
Heart went to stomach and is stuck somewhere in the middle of sobs. Loved it!

Jong_Kahn2010.02.21 - 02:55AM1: The Cruelty Of IronySigned
I've been enjoying your stories, as angst-filled as they are (I am a fan of angst). However, I was stopped in my mental tracks once I encountered the name of Malia. Maybe it's because I'm a Chicagoan, and was very proud to see Barack Obama elected President. But as soon as I read the name "Malia" I could not help but think "Obama", and was no longer in your story. I love the name of Malia, but I suspect I will not be the only person to associate that first name with our President's daughter. If this were the Clinton's administration and you named the Snapes' daughter "Chelsea", we'd be reminded of their daughter. You undoubtedly picked "Malia" because it is such a lovely name. I am not criticizing your taste at all. I am, however, suggesting that there are always other forces outside the realm of fiction which influence how readers will respond to characters' names.

Author's Response: Thank you for the interesting and thoughtful review! I am very glad that you have been enjoying my stories. To be honest, it didn't even cross my mind that "Malia" is the name of Obama's daughter! Funny how politics can inflitrate even the world of fanfiction. I find it very interesting that the name had such an effect on the story. I'm from Canada actually, so I suppose it doesn't hold the same weight as it would to someone from the US, let alone Chicago. I wrote this story in early 2008 so I didn't even consider it. In retrospect though, I can see how a distinctive name such as Malia can be jarring when associated with the President's daughter. Thank you for pointing this out, because it never even crossed my mind. Anyway, I hope that regardless of the name you were able to enjoy the story. And thank you again for putting such thought into your review. It's always interesting to hear what readers are thinking, so I am truly grateful. DarkFate

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