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Reviews for Snape and Sympathy

Sorsha2013.08.30 - 01:15PM1: Snape and SympathySigned
I was looking for something new and fresh and found this lovely story. You nailed both characters!!! This is one of the most believable takes on Severus Snape I've read. the overall story was very real, touching and beautifully written. Thank you!

The Harry Potter Trio2013.06.18 - 01:31AM1: Snape and SympathySigned
This is one of my all time favorite stories. I think because I have gone through hard times, (not relationship wise but other things in life), that this has struck home with me. I wish them the best of luck and wish I could be there with them HPT

manderkinz2012.10.07 - 05:55AM1: Snape and SympathySigned
I find myself wishing you would continue this

Sararia2012.07.02 - 04:01AM1: Snape and SympathySigned
...totally random thought; Orion is my favourite constellation too! :D

adelgado2011.11.07 - 03:15PM1: Snape and SympathySigned
Liked it very much.. I can't decided if I would want Ron still at her place or not

karenmiller19722011.03.23 - 01:56AM1: Snape and SympathySigned
I still drift back to this fic. It incorporates so well into DH. Because, I faithfully believe that somehow (bottled phoenix tears, anti-venom, even deep sleep to be awakened by true loves kiss...) Severus Snape would survive. LOL! Delusional sometimes I am.... But, the story is really a well done mix of romance, humor, self depreciation, and true representation of the characters....I love it. Thank You!

moonlitjune2010.09.22 - 02:50PM1: Snape and SympathySigned
ooh, goodness. madly in love here. this was extremely sweet and well written. i honestly want more. that's my only statement. another chapter to finish the night.

jothar2010.08.11 - 01:40PM1: Snape and SympathySigned
Very mellow. Very gentle. Very witty. And very much appreciated! Thank you

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