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Reviews for Small Boxes

Eszther2014.06.15 - 04:53PM1: 1Signed
Lovely, thank you!

Author's Response: thanks for the review!

Alexa19932012.04.11 - 12:36PM1: 1Signed

Author's Response: thanks!

Lucretia1232012.03.21 - 08:20PM1: 1Signed
Loved it!

Author's Response: thank you!

spunkalovely2011.10.19 - 10:56PM1: 1Signed
This is the best. Absolutely perfect. :D

Author's Response: thanks!! :)

loreen772011.04.21 - 06:36PM1: 1Signed
I can't even begin to tell you have absolutely perfect this is. I died laughing and can't stop. That has to be the most perfect present ever.

Author's Response: as a professor, i completely agree with you ;)

SS Felton2011.02.09 - 07:39PM1: 1Signed
Lol! Loved this! Terrorizing students is his dream!

Author's Response: hehe ;)

Half Blood Outcast2011.01.03 - 10:33AM1: 1Signed
The Idea of Severus cackling had me laughing like a lunatic over here! lol I can only imagine the looks on his first-years faces once they get their assignments back! LMAO!! Wonderful little one-shot! It gave me the warm-fuzzies (lol never thought i'd say that about a story with the word "gore" in it lol

Author's Response: i love the word "gore." it makes me warm and fuzzy. glad you liked it! i love this story, and it always makes me happy when people find it.

Sion Alphaios2010.07.25 - 06:28PM1: 1Signed
OMGGGGG!!!! LOL! Love, love, loved it! ~Sion

Author's Response: thanks!!!!!

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