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Reviews for Rejoicing Properly

fynnsmom2018.06.08 - 09:36AM5: Learn to BelieveSigned
Great story. I see you got a lot of reviews so a lot of people loved it. I liked the romance aspect.

Toblass2018.05.24 - 10:14PM2: Learn What Is ProperSigned
Ha! Hermione is suddenly playing hard-to-get, eh? Well, at least Severus got a little souvenir for the evening. And spin-bottle? How fun! *scurries off to read the next chapter*

Toblass2018.05.23 - 04:37PM1: Learn to RejoiceSigned
Im so glad I found you here on ASH! What a fun story! I love how hes just picked her up cave-man-style and hes off to his lair. Heres to sexy-times ahead....yay!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness LOL. This story is so old and kind of embarrassing! I hope you get a kick out of it if nothing else.

Maria2015.07.16 - 09:08PM1: Learn to RejoiceSigned
How...ridiculously OOC

marisamarinee2015.02.03 - 12:23PM5: Learn to BelieveSigned
So sweet

marisamarinee2015.02.03 - 11:48AM4: Learn How to LoveSigned
I don't think he is going to take it well

marisamarinee2015.02.02 - 08:57PM2: Learn What Is ProperSigned
Lol love me some possessive!Snape

marisamarinee2015.02.02 - 08:41PM1: Learn to RejoiceSigned

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