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Reviews for Harmonic Resolution

Rosmerta2010.01.17 - 01:14AM11: DissonanceSigned
I love your creativity in this story. I always loved the idea of the music of the spheres - so poetic and beautiful. And now that Severus is back with us, what will happen between him and Hermione, hmmm? ...And I must ask you: what's with all the mushrooms?? You're making me hungry! :D

Sariana2010.01.14 - 06:57PM11: DissonanceSigned
Just a funny thing: I got an email from our local nature center. They're having a mushroom walk this weekend. Reading that made me think of your story.

Sariana2010.01.13 - 01:03PM11: DissonanceSigned
I saw your story when you first posted, but I lacked the time to start a new story then. I'm sorry that I waited, though I was able to read straight through to this chapter. I was so happy to see that someone else had picked up on DD's reference to music in the first book. You have woven an amazing story, and I can't wait to see where it is going. One complaint, though: it should have been the bassoon that awakend Severus. It suits him so well (and happens to be the instrument I play ; 0). I MAY consider forgiving you because of your reference to the Engish horn, though. Now that is one beautiful instrument. I hope to review more regularly now that I have invested in your story.

twylite2010.01.12 - 09:34PM11: DissonanceSigned
Thanks for updating this is one of my current favorites :)

QuinnMom2010.01.12 - 04:03PM11: DissonanceSigned
I think that Hermione needs to get back to her cottage and her mushrooms. Oh, and make sure you bring Severus with you, girl!

verasuspense2010.01.12 - 10:12AM11: DissonanceSigned
I wonder how they are going to fend off the Unspeakables? Healing magic needs to be free and unfettered, and Hermione's privacy needs to be respected, so that, as another reviewer said, she isn't overwhelmed by people wanted to be healed. Even if she does nothing else 24/7, she can't help everybody on earth.

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