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Reviews for Harmonic Resolution

Ysabel2010.01.11 - 02:35PM10: Deceptive CadenceSigned
This was the first story I read on this site, having found it by googling a pairing solely due to its complete and utter improbability - or so it seemed at the time. This story drew me in with the music, something so expansive as the universe resonating with a human to work magic, and then switching to things so mundane as mushroom picking. And then it kept me hanging around the site long enough to realize that I *like* this pairing. And also made me try and practice my violin a bit more. Thank you. I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it, despite the unlikely and improbable pairing! *laughs* I once felt the same way. Then I started reading and fell in love with the pairing... :)

Shiro Ryu2009.12.24 - 12:08AM10: Deceptive CadenceSigned
An excellent chapter! I am glad to see Hermione finally cure Severus. I wonder if Hermione will still be able to work with the spheres? And, if she can, how will she keep herself from being bombarded and used up by all the people in need?

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