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Reviews for Happy Christmas

Jong_Kahn2017.12.28 - 05:47AM1: Happy ChristmasSigned
A lovely li'l Christmas ficlet, indeed! And a Happy Christmas to you, too, Ms. Figg!

fynnsmom2010.07.09 - 08:04AM1: Happy ChristmasSigned
That was funny. Enjoyable story. This was a good way to start my day.

susiepip2009.12.30 - 11:37AM1: Happy ChristmasSigned
No, It's all right: the British Father Christmas is rather portly. Enjoyable story - thank you.

verasuspense2009.12.26 - 11:45AM1: Happy ChristmasSigned
Actually, the traditional British Father Christmas IS skinny, and he wears a red robe with a hood, rather than a suit and tuque. I take it Severus didn't suddenly sprout a white beard :-D

Author's Response: Ah, that's interesting. The description I got from wiki describes him this way: Father Christmas often appears as a large man, often around 70 years old. He is dressed in a red or green snowsuit trimmed with white fur, a matching hat and dark boots. Often he carries a large brown sack filled with toys on his back. Lol. No, Snape didn't sprout a beard, although that would have been hilarious if he had. :)

Rosmerta2009.12.23 - 04:28PM1: Happy ChristmasSigned
The perfect Christmas ficlet! I love the notion of SkinnySanta!Snape. :D

mmh2009.12.23 - 04:06PM1: Happy ChristmasSigned
*grins* She gets to be a present, and gets her own, presumably in the form of the vigorous attentions of the potions master. Will he need to slip a few vials of purple potion into her stocking? ;^)

Cybrokat2009.12.23 - 12:26PM1: Happy ChristmasSigned
So, the place device was a bit thin but I assume it's because it was just to get to a certain place. Also, you say that Santa is unconscious, and then 5 lines later, say he is still conscious, lol. However, I love Hermione being wrapped in a bow. Their responses were very real to me. And I love it ended on the hint of whats to come. (Who doesn't find him undoing buttons f'ing hot?) I also laughed at him telling the reindeer, "Let's go" when he doesn't remember the names, lol. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Lol. I did catch the "unconscious" error this morning but didn't fix it thinking the story would go back into queue. Changing it to semi-conscious ought to work. The plot was thin, but it was just a little one shot meant to bring a smile. Thank you for reading it. :)

JudithsFancy2009.12.23 - 11:55AM1: Happy ChristmasSigned
The Hallelujah Chorus will be delayed until...three, two, one...CONTACT! Merry Christmas to all and to the naughty author who has given me many hours of pleasure...through reading. Ahem JF

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