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Reviews for Ogling

BlurryEel1332016.02.25 - 07:27PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Well done to Hermione for making Snape speechless.

bluefirefly2014.02.06 - 04:57PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Good for Hermione! That sure shut him up!

Author's Response: haha, yup! thanks for the review!

duj2013.02.03 - 05:27AM1: Chapter OneSigned
Just saw your reply after all this time. No worries, my toes are untrodden :))

Author's Response: yay!

duj2011.10.04 - 06:16AM1: Chapter OneSigned
I wonder if SW's prompt has its antecedents in an exchange from my fic "Everything", written in 2004: "Did Slug and Jigger hire you to insult their patrons, Miss Granger? I find that highly doubtful." "No, it's a free service, reserved entirely for you!"

Author's Response: honestly, i have no idea. i hope i haven't stepped on any toes :/. thanks for the review!

loreen772011.04.21 - 06:40PM1: Chapter OneSigned
oh the things we do while drunk to prove our point, way to go hermione.

Author's Response: heeeee!

angiehooks812010.04.21 - 03:54PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Cute....and funny too! :-)

Author's Response: thank you!

FireBlade2009.12.07 - 09:59PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Lmao, That ending was superb! I am sure Hermione had been wanting to do that for awhile :D

Author's Response: ;). thanks for the review!

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