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Reviews for Circus Caper

Jong_Kahn2012.05.09 - 04:07PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Cute ficlet! And good to see Hermione working through her own mental baggage. Good for her--and thanks!

Author's Response: thanks!

loreen772011.04.21 - 08:05PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Something are so rediculous they almost defy words. Silly fluffy fun.

Author's Response: dreams: the ultimate AU.

linlawless2010.12.15 - 06:39PM1: Chapter OneSigned
This just popped up as a random story, and it made me giggle. Thank you! :)

Author's Response: awww yay! i was wondering how someone found this old story, lol. glad you enjoyed it!

StephB2009.11.15 - 01:23AM1: Chapter OneSigned
Oh, thank you. That was too cute!!!

Author's Response: thank you very much!

FireBlade2009.11.13 - 12:27PM1: Chapter OneSigned
I wish I could do that do my dreams, shall have to practice I guess :). Great one-shot.

Author's Response: i've managed to do it a few times, but never with regularity, and *never* like this, lol. thanks for the review!

Maria2009.11.11 - 08:53PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Great play on words, and a great little story!

Author's Response: thanks!

Arphixad2009.11.11 - 05:58PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Most excellent hilarity! Bravo!

Author's Response: thank you :):)

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