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Reviews for Hidden Guardian

Jong_Kahn2015.05.21 - 03:16AM1: Hidden GuardianSigned
Painful, sad, but well written. I'm glad I read your answer to the very first review, as it fully explained the future Hermione had before her. Thank you.

Montara2012.03.07 - 02:04AM1: Hidden GuardianSigned
Is it sacrifice or just her longing to be with the man she loves? I mean, she has a child who will be orphaned by her decision. There are others who can take her place...her family already sacrificed a member...

loreen772011.06.18 - 10:35PM1: Hidden GuardianSigned
Very sad, sniffles.

adelgado2011.03.28 - 11:27PM1: Hidden GuardianSigned
sad. you hear stories of the bortherhood of whatever fulfilling their vows for thousands of years. but are they ture?

Pookah2009.01.08 - 12:25AM1: Hidden GuardianSigned
Wow! what a touching story, an excellent piece of work! Thank you for sharing this with us. I am delighted it was on the random story listing.

Sbrande2006.04.17 - 11:56PM1: Hidden GuardianSigned
*SIGHS* Very sad, but well written. Thanks for writing it. Cheers, Sonia

Snape_dreamer2006.02.18 - 09:33PM1: Hidden GuardianSigned
i am lost for words for this story but wow.

pickles2005.09.01 - 01:02PM1: Hidden GuardianSigned
wow! amazing. will you continue this story. its great the way it is. patty

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