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Reviews for Batman and Catwoman

lovesev2012.12.24 - 04:13AM1: Batman and CatwomanSigned
lol Just found this story. Loved it!!

Author's Response: thanks!!

ALIKUMA2012.02.18 - 06:04PM1: Batman and CatwomanSigned

Author's Response: Ha! Thanks.

verasuspense2011.10.21 - 08:50PM1: Batman and CatwomanSigned
I suppose a magical Catwoman costume would have a flexible tail ?

Author's Response: i suppose?

loreen772011.04.21 - 07:00PM1: Batman and CatwomanSigned
The fact that hes dressed as a bat is funny. Only slightly less funny than if he dressed up as an incredibly large, poisonous snake. ...........I laughed out loud and amost peed myself at that line. Great job.

Author's Response: hehehehe, thanks :)

Very Small Prophet2010.09.29 - 05:45AM1: Batman and CatwomanSigned
Is this going to be followed by "The Vengeance of the Bat", in which Snape carries out an elaborate plot that ends with all the guests at the party in the local jail? Sorry. Operatic reference. I can't help it. I'm under treatment for it.

Author's Response: LOL awesome. Thanks for the review!

Miss Doom2010.02.16 - 03:27PM1: Batman and CatwomanSigned
That was adorable! I loved it!

Author's Response: i'm so glad! thanks!

SandyKinns2009.11.10 - 01:01PM1: Batman and CatwomanSigned
Oh this was a great little story! I loved the bat irony as well as the ending! Great job XD

Author's Response: thanks :):)

buffyslayer2009.10.28 - 01:24AM1: Batman and CatwomanSigned
Hilarious! Seriously, I think I hurt myself when I let look a loud half-laugh/half- oomph! It was the part where he muses about it being only slightly less funny than him dressing up as the snake! I am still tickled by that and hope it carries over with me tomorrow.

Author's Response: thanks for the detailed review! and i hope you still like it tomorrow too :)

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