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Reviews for A Beach in Ireland

NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands2019.01.02 - 01:45PM1: A Beach in IrelandSigned
Lovely story that Iíve only just come across. Love their meeting and the quick development of their relationship given the loneliness they seem to have been experiencing.

QueenMagic2016.05.26 - 07:52AM1: A Beach in IrelandSigned
A beautiful one-shot! Very well written---the smut was one of the best I have read in a long time! Other than that, the dialogue seemed very natural and you have a way of making words flow. Really appreciate that.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm delighted you enjoyed this piece. I loved writing it.

EclecticBonVivant2015.08.16 - 03:45PM1: A Beach in IrelandSigned
I keep coming back to this little gem - I love your portrayal of both characters in a post-war adult to adult perspective. Such a joy to read...I wish it never to end and yet it is perfect as it is.

Author's Response: What a wonderful compliment. I'm absolutely delighted you enjoyed this story. It's one of my personal favorites. Thank you!

Jensteed2014.10.28 - 04:15PM1: A Beach in IrelandSigned
Can i have this on my birthday too...please?? I promise I'll be good (or bad, whatever it takes) This was just glorious in its entirety, I adored all of the homely comfortable moments between them. Not that the sex wasn't fabulous, that's a given, hehe ;) but the two of them having dinner or chatting by the fire just made the story for me.

Author's Response: I've always loved the potential of these two characters together. Thank you for enjoying my throwing them together in the same sandbox! You've made my day.

Gersknightlady2014.08.30 - 01:34PM1: A Beach in IrelandSigned
I.ve read this a number of times during random searches abd still can't pass it up each time. Its a wonderful peice of work.

Author's Response: I'm utterly delighted you've enjoyed it enough to re-read. What a great compliment. Thanks!

tilly2014.06.23 - 09:47AM1: A Beach in IrelandSigned
A wonderfully sexy one shot with such a sense of promise for their future

Author's Response: What a lovely compliment. Thank you so much.

fedora_girl2013.10.14 - 02:17AM1: A Beach in IrelandSigned
This is the first of your stories I read back in 2012 and I still come back to it like a good friend. The word length is perfect, the conversation and characterization are wonderful, and everything is just right. I've always wanted to ask though: what DID McGonagall say?

Author's Response: What a lovely compliment. Thank you so much. This is one of my personal favorites, and I'm delighted when others like it as well. As for Minerva, well, that would be telling!

Claery2012.08.17 - 10:33PM1: A Beach in IrelandSigned
That was hot, intense and also emotional. I like your writing and I hope you will not stop give us new stories. Thank you :)

Author's Response: What a lovely thing to say. Thank you very much!

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