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Reviews for Saturday Night Waltz

MSD212016.02.21 - 09:19PM2: CulminationSigned
Fantastic work!

breastlady2015.09.12 - 12:55AM2: CulminationSigned
Perfectly lovely! I know you wrote this ages ago but for your first foray into lemons it was excellent! I can see nothing that needs to be improved other than more chapters to tell us how they end up. I'm sure if this was your first lemons you've got more that I'd like to read. I'll look to see if you have other stories. Cheers to you, dearest author!

breastlady2015.09.12 - 12:37AM1: EncounterSigned
I'm extremely intregued on this fine Friday night where I've ventured away from PPT for some SS/HG stories posted other places. It's difficult to find something I havn't already read. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Doc Vegas2015.03.09 - 10:50PM2: CulminationSigned

moor2013.12.22 - 11:11PM2: CulminationSigned
Very fun. ;)

Zikore2013.01.12 - 01:59AM2: CulminationSigned
Mmmmm... A nice slice of lemon pie. :)

Logbrandur2011.06.24 - 08:52AM2: CulminationSigned
Beautiful story.

loreen772011.05.01 - 11:03PM2: CulminationSigned
Wonderful story.

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