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Reviews for Just a Naughty Little Ficlet

marisamarinee2014.08.16 - 02:55AM4: Riding the Snape ExpressSigned
10 points to Slytherin

marisamarinee2014.08.15 - 10:02PM1: Missed OpportunitySigned
I wouldn't have the potions master any other way but dark and kinky ;)

Jong_Kahn2011.11.14 - 07:07AM4: Riding the Snape ExpressSigned
The first three chapters did more for me than this last did. Still, quite a story. Thanks!

83annak2010.08.09 - 07:17AM4: Riding the Snape ExpressSigned
Hot, Hot, Hot, what can I say, I wish there would be a next encounter between the nasty Potionsmaster and his delicious prey! Please write a sequel, that would be so great!

Valkyria Prince2010.01.17 - 12:34PM4: Riding the Snape ExpressSigned
Great PWP! Just out of curiosity, why is there a H/C label on it?

Valkyria Prince2010.01.17 - 12:26PM3: In the Hands of the Potions Master ~ ContinuedSigned
Snape's quote:"I wouldn’t put faith in anything Sybill Trelawney had to say." does sound like him, however he apparently DID put faith in something she had to say that without it would have never been catalyst for the Potterverse to exist at all. Excellent smut though; who could resist a dirty Snape? And that ten inch.... nose!

squeelymouse2010.01.12 - 11:30PM4: Riding the Snape ExpressSigned
This was not the srt of thing i thought i would enjoy reading being a romantic, but i found i LOVED it! thanks

runwithscissors2009.12.30 - 05:38PM4: Riding the Snape ExpressSigned
I looove my Potions master all...mastery LOL Sequel please? xxxx

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