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Reviews for Why Just Watch?

alina2902013.02.08 - 04:21PM5: The FinaleSigned
Absolutely brutal to read this. In a good way so please don't take offence. You always write so good. I don't know what else to say or how to describe it. Thank you. You have allowed me to read and see Snape in a whole different light. Thank you. Liz

fynnsmom2010.12.23 - 10:08PM5: The FinaleSigned
I read this once before and just read it again. It's a fun fic to say the least. I love the last section best--when Snape closed his account with Madam Tootsie and Hermione moved out on Ron. I think Snape got more than he bargained for. Great story.

The_Slayers_Lady2010.11.06 - 05:20AM5: The FinaleSigned
That was great,very sexy

83annak2010.08.09 - 11:58AM5: The FinaleSigned
Hello and thanks for another hot story, now I really need to read all of your stories. I love your Snape he's as dirty and wicked as I like him to be. He's perfect, the only little negative thing is: He just talks too much! ;-)But at least it's mostly dirty and naughty stuff - so it doesn't bother that much! LOL and by the way I added your story to my fav's!!!

Jong_Kahn2010.05.14 - 01:15PM5: The FinaleSigned
Enjoyable confection, that. Rather like a dildo-shaped lolly--coo! Thanks for the treat!

fynnsmom2010.04.21 - 09:17PM5: The FinaleSigned
While all of the sex was lovely and very intense, I loved the ending when Hermione left Ron and moved into Snape's chambers and when Snape closed his account that he had for two decades with Madam Tootsie. What a crazy story but I loved every second of it.

fynnsmom2010.04.21 - 09:07PM4: Not All Magic Wands are Made of WoodSigned
Who knew that Snape was such a nasty wizard:P Great chapter.

fynnsmom2010.04.14 - 09:57PM3: Snape’s Reasoning or the Art of Logical SeductionSigned
I can see Snape as having a comfortable bedroom. I'm not sure how often he uses it though:D I'm glad Hermione spoke up and said she'd prefer his bed. Great chapter.

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