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Reviews for The Dance

Jenniemay2011.08.29 - 10:53PM1: The DanceSigned
Where is he when we need him? Rickman that is... Swoon

Jong_Kahn2010.10.08 - 11:55AM1: The DanceSigned
This came up on "Random", so I followed it in. Glad I did! Your characterizations were perfect, and the dancing was "Right on!" I could have done without the Marvin Gaye song at the end, as to me it ruined the rhythm of the story itself. A rather small quibble, though. I particularly liked Hermione's refusal to let any other witch dance with Severus--no sharing for her! (And Severus was wise not to press the issue!) I have "favorited" this story--thanks for having written it!

fynnsmom2010.04.14 - 09:08PM1: The DanceSigned
This was one of the "quick picks" or whatever they're called and it sounded interesting. It has always fascinated me that many authors write about Severus' dancing ability. This was just amazing and funny. I could see Lucius egging Severus on and I can imagine him being quite the dancer. I'm glad I found this story. Great job.

BrookieG2010.04.05 - 02:01AM1: The DanceSigned
i love this! it seems to be true because he puts all the effort he has into absolutely everything that he does.

Anita Blake2009.10.13 - 04:28AM1: The DanceSigned
I really enjoyed this story, and looked up the song on the internet to listen to while I was reading. Very well done!

Shiro Ryu2009.09.22 - 02:20AM1: The DanceSigned
Great story! I really enjoyed it.

tjturtle2009.09.18 - 02:25PM1: The DanceSigned
tripping the light fantastic? they danced the Hustle?? Oh goodness, I was dying laughing. Excellent work!!

regs2009.09.16 - 12:28PM1: The DanceSigned
I have the song on computer...yeah I can't imagine seeing Severus dancing to that (at least not the way I'm dancing in my chair) but I loved the way you set it up in the story. Well done

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