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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

snapefan19832014.09.30 - 08:26PM24: PansySigned
FUCKING HELL HOW COULD SEVERUS DO THAT TO HERMIONE??? WIL SHE HAVE TO FUCK THEM Gregory and Vincent?? POOR HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!!! When he walked in the Great Hall for dinner, whispers followed him. He looked at the Gryffindor table, but Hermione wasn’t there. But at the Slytherin table… she was seated between Gregory and Vincent, her jaw set, and when she noticed he was looking at her, she raised her wrists and he saw the leather strings wrapped around them. Then she raised her chin defiantly and her throat was circled with a green and silver collar. Gregory smirked at him and tugged at the leash fixed at his wrist. Hermione didn’t protest and stood up, following him outside the Great Hall. All eyes were on Severus now and he could feel the reprobation in Albus and Minerva’s. Pansy was looking at him also but he couldn’t read her eyes from where he was.

marisamarinee2014.09.28 - 04:40PM24: PansySigned
What? So confused

chrissyseebs2006.04.30 - 02:26PM24: PansySigned
severus has done it now!

CLair2004.02.03 - 05:52PM24: PansyAnonymous
Oh dear oh dear...

Katze2004.02.03 - 11:22AM24: PansyAnonymous
Great chapter, but I'm so incredibly disappointed in Snape :( One little detail keeps bugging me, though: why can't Dumbledore do anything about the fact that Hermione's bound and leashed? I'm just having trouble believing that normal rules of student behaviour have been suspended simply because Crabbe & Goyle are DeathEaters. It's one thing to have Hermione traded in private, but to have such a public display of ownership in front of school authority figures seems a little off to me. No offense meant, just something to think about :)

Author's Response: Katze, thank you for your review! Don't be too harsh to poor Severus, you will see it's not entirely his fault... As for Crabbe and Goyle, the reason why they can pull it off is because they will denounce Severus as a Death Eater to the Ministry if they're not given what they want. And Albus needs Severus to watch over Hermione... Well, normally, that is :) Ys

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