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Reviews for The Fairy Godmother

adelgado2008.01.17 - 12:36PM1: The Fairy GodmotherSigned
I will admit that i don't know what the Mary Sue challenge is. But the story made no sence to me.

Lorena Snape2004.02.09 - 02:32PM1: The Fairy GodmotherAnonymous
LMAO! To think, I've spent all this time reading messages at the group, and I could've just read this instead - it's all there anyway... Great job, Ys. Oh, and thanks for Harry. (grin) ~ LS

Author's Response: The thing is, I don't think you would have understood it all if you hadn't read the messages at the group before... *wonders* Anyway, thank you for the review! And you're welcome for Harry :) Ys

Andrian2004.02.05 - 06:38PM1: The Fairy GodmotherAnonymous
A very wild ride indeed. Okay Maddy we will share Remus...but only for tongith (grin)

Author's Response: Oh, wow, a review from Andrian! Thank you! I know how much you love Remus, but then, Maddy was his owner... :) Ys

potiongirl_jen2004.02.05 - 01:56PM1: The Fairy GodmotherAnonymous
That was one of the most cracked out things i have ever read...However you get a ten rateing because I am a mad Phantom of the Opera fan. That was a scarry fic...You managed to break the forth wall and then find every other wall and break them all with one of Neville's melted cauldrons....Good Job!

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it! What about an adaptation of POTO with the HP characters?? Ys

Knights_Of_Walpurgis2004.02.05 - 01:06PM1: The Fairy GodmotherSigned
Stop crying woman, it's great

Author's Response: Thank you, Nickle! *sniff* But you know, it's part of the game to be whining for reviews :) Ys

Zephyr2004.02.05 - 01:44AM1: The Fairy GodmotherSigned
love it.. Hee Gotta love my Argus and Draco.. !

Author's Response: Thank you, Zephyr! Glad you liked it! Ys

Knights_Of_Walpurgis2004.02.04 - 07:10PM1: The Fairy GodmotherSigned
good gravy*sniffs* I've finally been mentioned. *sniff* oh hell, now imma lookin soft *hexes the cat that wanders by* ah better. It was sweet and I loved the premis you took with it. good luck

Author's Response: Hey, don't hex my cat! Well, couldn't have forgotten you - even though I forgot some others, oops. Glad you liked it. Ys

Hermione Granger2004.02.04 - 12:45PM1: The Fairy GodmotherAnonymous
Contrary to what you might think, I loved your story. It is all in fun after all. Anyway it was much better than what that one woman did to me. Really turning me into a house elf. Well, she got hers in this story didn't she.

Author's Response: Hermione, I'm surprised, since I quite followed what had happened on the LnLS site as the 'Hermione Baiting'. Anyway, I won't complain and thank your sense of humour. Thank you for your review! Ys

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