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Reviews for Musings Upon Parchment

Anodyne2010.12.02 - 03:40AM1: Musings Upon ParchmentSigned
"Did Voldemort (yes, I said his name; get over it) torture you with animated, flesh-eating truffles?" Someone has got to use this in a serious romance fic. Or just any fic. It is such a great line.

NNNN2010.07.29 - 08:56AM1: Musings Upon ParchmentSigned
Absolutely brilliant, wellwritten, sweet and realistic. Would love it if you could write a similar letter from Severus as his response. Bet that would be brilliant as well

linlawless2009.11.29 - 09:53PM1: Musings Upon ParchmentSigned
This was really a fun, creative way to tell a story ...

tinytexans2009.08.22 - 03:20PM1: Musings Upon ParchmentSigned
Oh!!!! I very, very much enjoyed it!!!!!

Tangerine Dream2009.08.22 - 10:04AM1: Musings Upon ParchmentSigned
This is wonderful! I think romance novels are highly over-rated! I do hope Severus drafts an appropriate response!

Firewall2009.08.21 - 08:46PM1: Musings Upon ParchmentSigned
I like how you finished up the last 1/3. Now I think Severus should leave a response accidently on his desk.

FireBlade2009.08.21 - 01:57PM1: Musings Upon ParchmentSigned
You did an amazing job with it. I loved it, would it be possible to give Severus's view or his own letter?

1ofthestrange1s2009.08.21 - 12:20PM1: Musings Upon ParchmentSigned
I rather love the enticing snippets of life you managed to craftily weave in there, they made it all the more sweeter. ^____^ Wonderful story!! I'm glad I read it. Truly, thank you.

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