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Reviews for Syndod

faireweather2014.03.28 - 11:02AM1: One shotSigned
Lovely! I came here via a rec from crack-broom and it was well worth it!

Author's Response: Well thank you and thank crack broom, I am glad you enjoyed it , I hope you enjoy the rest.

HermioneSnape1983Fan2013.10.04 - 03:56PM1: One shotSigned
hearing it = wearing it

Author's Response: :)

HermioneSnape1983Fan2013.10.04 - 03:55PM1: One shotSigned
so it was just the dress that had that affect on him even if hermione wasnt hearing it?? so he would cheat on her if someone else wore the dress?? STUPID IDIOT!!!!

Author's Response: Nope, just that dress on her, he would never cheat. And the story was prompted by My other half who in the half light at a party walked right passed me and up to someone he thought was me and wrapped his arms around them. I have never seen anyone move as fast when he realised his mistake. Thanks for the review.

Maria2012.07.04 - 02:22PM1: One shotSigned
LOL!!! I bet the girls get great mileage out of that one when they share a few glasses on wine, lol :)))

Author's Response: Enough for a circumnavigation of the world. Thanks for the review.

loreen772011.09.04 - 08:10PM1: One shotSigned
Damn i want that dress......

Author's Response: Get in line, get in line.:)

Karfinwen2009.12.17 - 09:59AM1: One shotSigned
this was actually quite sweet, in addition to being very funny.

Author's Response: Thank you yet again I am happy it made you smile.

remy2009.08.22 - 03:30PM1: One shotSigned
Bwahahaha, I'm smiling so hard my teeth hurt. This is a perfect story after all the angsty things I've read today...yay!

Author's Response: Hi remy, I am pleased to have provided the remedy for the angst. Thanks.

FireBlade2009.08.06 - 10:00PM1: One shotSigned
It's too bad he couldn't tell the difference between his wife's arse and her best friend's arse. :P

Author's Response: Hi Fireblade, methinks the dress had him rather distracted, still it all worked out in the end.

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