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Reviews for The Thing About Coffee

Kittens2016.08.31 - 09:35AM1: The Thing About CoffeeSigned
As a coffee addict (apologetic to myself only) and appreciator, this was lovely. I could have drowned in the description of making, tasting, and drinking, of coffee itself and been quite content. The fact that it includes my favourite fictional couple is my froth on top.

ohsolovesnape2016.06.26 - 01:31AM1: The Thing About CoffeeSigned
So perfect!

loreen772013.07.17 - 10:42PM1: The Thing About CoffeeSigned

Alexa19932012.02.19 - 06:56PM1: The Thing About CoffeeSigned

cottontail2011.11.14 - 12:22AM1: The Thing About CoffeeSigned
mmmmm Severus and the smell of fresh brewed coffee.. only in our dreams.....

Jenniemay2011.06.26 - 06:50PM1: The Thing About CoffeeSigned
Mmmm... Severus coffee... Coffee Severus... Severus wins... Yum! Take him any day.

Author's Response: me too... lol! Thanks for reading x

Jong_Kahn2010.08.17 - 11:12PM1: The Thing About CoffeeSigned
Since coffee "is one of the basic food groups," to quote my husband (and Severus is another, IMO), this story was an instant, yet perfectly full-brewed favorite! Ah, Neelix, you've done it again! Fabulous!

Author's Response: lol... this has been up for a while but I'm glad you found it and enjoyed it. I do have fun with my writing and it's nice to know it's appreciated!

Svenja2010.06.15 - 03:07PM1: The Thing About CoffeeSigned
Well, I'm a student and also working here at uni part-time, but I can also use the office for studying. So I can treat myself to some fanfiction whenever I feel like it. ;)

Author's Response: Yay for me then, because I love getting reviews :) Keep reading!!

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