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Reviews for I Will Always Love You

loreen772013.07.16 - 06:39AM1: I will always love YouSigned
Lovely story, i teared ip a little at the end.

Buggy2013.01.05 - 08:51AM1: I will always love YouSigned
oh god, that was lovely. very moving final scene.

Miss Doom2009.12.15 - 08:37AM1: I will always love YouSigned
This was beautifully written! The graveyard scene was perfect.

Author's Response: Thank you so much x

bufgil2009.11.18 - 08:36PM1: I will always love YouSigned
Well this is my first review, i dont normally comment but i just had to with this one :) my two fave things Dolly Parton & Hermione and Severus. Absolutley adored it, good wrighting!! and i have to admit i didnt half well up at the end there!

Author's Response: ahhh, thanks so much! I adore Dolly (makes mental note to put her in the car today) and that last song is my total favourite, but yes, it Always makes me cry. I just thought the songs fit Severus and Hermione - my version, anyway! Thanks for reviewing, I feel very honoured.

Maggie2009.06.09 - 05:49PM1: I will always love YouSigned
I really like it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

kimschu2009.06.09 - 10:50AM1: I will always love YouSigned
No fair, I was doing so good until that last one made me shed a few tears. Wonderful writing.

Author's Response: lol.. you should try listening to the song and writing it... it took me hours plus half a box of kleenex!

vze57t9j2009.06.08 - 09:34AM1: I will always love YouSigned
You can write cliche any old time you want! Poking Pansy was perfection and conversing at the graveside was just lovely. Excellent series of vignettes!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. You're very kind.

regs2009.06.08 - 07:06AM1: I will always love YouSigned
Oh Neelix that was SO excellent! Another favorite, thank you

Author's Response: Thanks very much. It was loads of fun to write!

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