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Reviews for Camerado

Spindelhona2018.08.05 - 03:29PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
What a superb emotional rollercoaster! Nicley mix between canon and could-be-canon; I especially like your Ron. I don't like the Ronbashing going on in some fics; he's a tool at times, yes, but so are we all. Thank you for writing this!

grissomesque2018.07.14 - 12:40PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
This is a fragile, perfect, achingly beautiful story and you are a remarkable writer. I just stayed up til 4 am rereading it for a second time and I am despairing now that it's over. I only wish you'd written more (other) things! Thank you for this story.

Tarantulates2018.07.08 - 01:47PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
Oh lord...this ending leaves me desparate for an epilogue! What a wonderful story, but man do I want just a little bit more...

LeeSnape2018.05.20 - 06:26PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
Oh my God! This was such a beautiful story!! It was so amazingly written! I love how you went into detail about Snape's life at the school as a Headmaster, and honestly I thought you were mad when I read about Hermione and Ron but it all worked out in the end. Lovely, lovely story thank you so much!

mcfan2018.05.02 - 08:36PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
wonderful! I just discovered your stories and think they are both wonderful. this one is remarkable in that it is not evident that you took so many years to write it. Congratulations on finishing it, by the way! Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us.

Andante8252017.12.25 - 04:17PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
I've read this fic several times, and it never disappoints. I live in hope of a short epilogue someday, but where it ends here is beautiful, too. Your writing is so smooth and readable and the plotting interlocks with canon so well. Thank you for writing this wonderful story!

Pixie Dust2017.04.02 - 08:04AM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
I'm fairly certain that this is the beat fanfic in the history of ever. Thank you for sharing you wonderful work with us! Please keep writing.

kudlatek2017.02.08 - 04:47PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
Other reviewers had already said everything I wanted to write, so all that is left is: thank you for your incredible and perfectly written story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much <3

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