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Reviews for Camerado

Ive2019.02.12 - 07:38PM18: Venture not--if you leave me, you are lostSigned
" resisted the urge to kick the gargoyle's stone base like she child she wasn't" Love this!

Ive2019.02.12 - 05:28PM14: The Efflux of the Soul (Part 2)Signed
Oh my gosh, perfect! Love the movement you describe. This dialogue feels real to me.

Sl_ai2019.02.08 - 01:53AM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
Another sleepless night, another marvellous story. You are amazing. In my life I've been on both sides - as a lover of unexperienced man older than me without any real connections whatsoever, and as a lonely adult who finds support and light in the distant liaison with affected 18-something even though it couldn't make any sense. How could you know it so well? Especially that little tingle of letting someone in after a long time of desolation and self-doubt? I'm glad that I've found your works. Epilogue must be great (because THAT would be challenging for Severus - no war, no excuses, just sincere emotions and choices; hello, Mr. Rochester), but your obvious talent and inspiration are all that matters. So take care and thank you again <3

Proulxes2018.11.27 - 02:17AM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
An epilogue would be absolutely fabulous. Camerado is my favourite HP story bar none and I love the way it ends almost on an inhalation - a gasp of possibility. Nevertheless I am greedy for more of your writing and so giddy with excitement that there may be another chapter. Thank you!! Pxxx

Proulxes2018.11.26 - 07:16PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
Wait... Thereís going to be an *epilogue*????!!!!! Please! Please! Please!

Author's Response: I'm working on it!!! I wanted to finish another project I'd begun awhile ago, but now that that's finished I'm hoping to get the epilogue done sooner than later :)

mt_nestor2018.10.06 - 10:16PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
I've been taking a tour of all my favorite stories, and yours continues to move me no matter how many times I've read it. I'm excited to hear that you are working on an epilogue, and wish you lovely writing times ahead as you finish your tale.

RaaQ2018.09.21 - 08:02PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
Oh God. Last time I cried so much was when I finished Second Life and I remembered how much Iíve been wretched after that. I hoped I couldíve find another masterpiece which couldíve bring this spectrum of emotions which Iíve felt back then. And it totally did and it totally is. A masterpiece. So I canít thank you enough for all the time youíve sacrificed to make this work done. This story has kept me awake for at least four nights in a row and I donít regret it in the slightest. And it probably gonna keep invading my thoughts for a long time as well. For now Iím going to soothe my pain somehow and I just want to say that I would die for a reunion epilogue (and I suppose I wouldnít be the only one). Take care and keep writing, because thatís the sort of literature we all should be living for.

Author's Response: WOW. I couldn't have asked for a nicer review to wake up to. Thank you for taking the time to write it, it means the world. (And I, too, LOVED "Second Life" :). I am actually in the process of finishing up an epilogue, so hopefully, real life willing, I'll have that posted soon...

Spindelhona2018.08.05 - 03:29PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
What a superb emotional rollercoaster! Nicley mix between canon and could-be-canon; I especially like your Ron. I don't like the Ronbashing going on in some fics; he's a tool at times, yes, but so are we all. Thank you for writing this!

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