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Reviews for Camerado

Pixie Dust2017.04.02 - 08:04AM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
I'm fairly certain that this is the beat fanfic in the history of ever. Thank you for sharing you wonderful work with us! Please keep writing.

kudlatek2017.02.08 - 04:47PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
Other reviewers had already said everything I wanted to write, so all that is left is: thank you for your incredible and perfectly written story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much <3

Andante8252017.01.20 - 02:23PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
Just a beautifully done story - the care and effort pays off with one of the most believable SS/HG relationships I've ever read (and I've read many). Please count me among those readers who would love an epilogue/short follow-up. Thank you for writing!

Author's Response: Thank you!

PenAgainstSword2017.01.04 - 09:24PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
this fic is so good i started a gofundme to have every word of it tattooed on my body. okay not really but I stayed up until 6 am reading this and there's so much I could say. What I'll say, since I'm overwhelmed, is "thank you for writing!" As a writer who reads, you've taught me a lot, and as a hopeless romantic and unapologetic Snapefan, you've made my heart sing. Take care! You've made this little reader very happy indeed.

Author's Response: Ha! This review was amazing (and made this little writer very happy indeed ;-)

Groot2016.12.31 - 06:21AM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
I can't emphasise how wonderful this story is. Your writing style, the characters....all perfect. You nailed Hermione and Snape in all their imperfect glory. I love every part of this story, I'd love to see more, mainly due to my belief you have captured the pair more truly than any other story I've read. I would read anything you wrote on this pairing. If you do write an epilogue (and please lord consider it), I'll be straight on it.

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for your lovely review! It means a great deal that you feel Hermione and Snape are in-character. I do hope to return to this pairing; they're always at the back of my mind.

m1232016.12.08 - 08:13PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
This was a truly amazing piece to read. It was so emotionally charged, so captivating. I could NOT move away from my computer and have binge-read this story and although I'd love an epilogue, this kinda ending left me to wonder my own thoughts on what happens next. Thank you for sharing your writing. It was beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm working on something else right now, but once it's finished I want to write a short story follow-up to Camerado :-)

The Good Witch2016.10.23 - 04:28PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
Wonderfully written!

MissMeIrrational2016.10.18 - 05:20PM36: Will you come travel with me? (Part 2)Signed
That was wonderful to read!! I think you mastered the gap between the real story and your own perfectly! I like the way you write...it seemed so naturally...simply fitting to the subject! I read the story at nights when my little daughter wouldn't sleep and I have to carry her...thank you for the nice time-filling story! :)

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