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Reviews for Comfort Of Strangers

asprickman2012.11.26 - 12:41PM1: oneSigned
Stunning imagery; beautifully crafted and written, thank you x

Author's Response: And thank you for the elegance of your review.

Maria2012.07.23 - 02:29PM1: oneSigned
This is a beautiful piece of writing.

Author's Response: Thank you for saying so, Maria.

loreen772011.09.04 - 07:14PM1: oneSigned

Author's Response: Thank you

jothar2011.02.17 - 03:00PM1: oneSigned
Very gentle, very beautiful! I must look up your other work. Thank you.

Author's Response: Hi jothar, thank you so much for saying so. In my other pieces the ones with English titles are the more serious pieces, and the ones with the Welsh titles are of a fluffy nature. Thanks S.

Karfinwen2009.12.17 - 12:28PM1: oneSigned
i admire the patience it took to get this story right. a very powerful piece by a clearly versatile author.

Author's Response: What can I say but thank you for so many wonderful reviews.

Irish_Angel2009.09.16 - 12:11AM1: oneSigned
Lovely! Wonderfully written with beautiful imagery. The broken mirror and the meadow were particularly apt.

Author's Response: Thank you Irish _Angel, very lovely of you to say so. S.

sevfank2009.05.26 - 07:35PM1: oneSigned
Wonderful - certainly not bright and fluffy but as much as I like fluff, I realize life isn't fluff. I loved the broken mirror pieces that wound him more yet she can fit them together. Simply great. Thanks for writing

Author's Response: Hi sevfank,Thank you for the review.Glad you liked that image it was quite a powerfull one in my mind as I wrote this piece. Thank you S.

Lulupopalot2009.05.26 - 10:50AM1: oneSigned
That was lovely. Thank you.

Author's Response: Hi Lulupopalot, Thank you for reviewing feedback keeps me scribbling.

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