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Reviews for Cyffyrddiad

ASchaffalit2014.11.06 - 02:28AM1: one shotSigned
Beautiful. How I an see and feel all the scenes. Welch is gorgeous, full of vowels and rocks. Thanks, that someone dared ask what the title meant. I hesitated, didn't want to seem stupid. Please add the translation in your author notes before or after the chapter. It helps. Favouriting this story.

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review,pure mischief on my part not putting the translation up. I'll add it to the end. Diolch yn fawr for the favourite ( thanks).

asprickman2012.11.27 - 02:33PM1: one shotSigned
Adorable and, as always, beautifully written and, yet again,your characterisation is perfect. You somehow catch Severus just as I see him even in out of character situations. Love this, can't remember how many times I've read it but it's a little gem:)

Author's Response: One of my most guilty secret pleasures is the buzz I get when someone lets me know they re-read my stories.Thanks for the mood lift.

loreen772011.09.04 - 07:33PM1: one shotSigned
Lovely. Men are such fraidy cats are babies.

Author's Response: That they are.

Alexa19932011.05.30 - 04:30PM1: one shotSigned

Author's Response: Thank you.

JamesandLily4ever2009.06.04 - 05:42PM1: one shotSigned
AW! This was simply adorable...! (And understandable!) I love your version of Severus (he's extremely in character, just so you know). =]

Author's Response: Many thanks JamesandLily4ever, and thank you for reading.

mmh2009.05.26 - 03:30PM1: one shotSigned
Awww... *sniff* Very touching. I can begin to empathize with Severus, here. I clearly remember nearly paralyzing fear gripping me years ago when presented with various offspring of my cousins. I didn't even have a Tobias Snape figure in my life, but with all the what-ifs screaming through my head, it is a wonder I managed to eventually hold one of them for a while without dropping the poor little thing.

Author's Response: Hi mmh, yeah they can be scary little things. Thanks for reviewing and reading. S

vze57t9j2009.05.07 - 07:08PM1: one shotSigned
This is such a lovely story! Just the right amount of angst and joy!!! I can see Severus being very reticent touching and tending his firstborn. Well done! :D

Author's Response: Hi vze57t9j, thank you for the review . I'm happy it hit the right note for you. Shuldham.

regs2009.05.05 - 08:41AM1: one shotSigned
Babies (even when they are yours) are kind of scary at first. I remember I wasn't to sure about my parenting skills when my son was born. A very well done story and very true to life; now one of my favorites

Author's Response: Hi regs Thank you for adding it to your favorites and for your kind review.Shuldham

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