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Reviews for A Dragon's Fire

tigerrose1102032015.12.13 - 09:11PM1: A Parent's IreSigned
I cannot say what i would do in that situation. I am already unable to trust anyone else with my daughter for longer than a few hours, and then only if its absolutely necessary. Wonderfully written.

lovelorn202015.08.06 - 08:25AM1: A Parent's IreSigned
Thank you for writing something like this. I know, to some extent, how Elizabeth feels. It's not always possible to get justice in the real world,especially if the perpetrator is within the family circle. But this gave me some peace.

verasuspense2014.03.27 - 09:25PM1: A Parent's IreSigned
Its pretty horrifying how many reviewers have had similar experiences.

Lilireader2013.11.08 - 12:52AM1: A Parent's IreSigned
Wonderful story... and realistic. I experienced child abuse (I was 8, he was my mom's cousin) and am now extremely paranoid with my sons. I would definitely kill anyone that did that to them. .

mama1232013.09.26 - 10:49PM1: A Parent's IreSigned
I also had a similar experience. I was 7.to my utter relief, he was killed in a road accident. He was my tutor.used the same tactics as charlie.the bastard made me feel guilty as if it was my fault. I was 8 when he died. I knew it was a gift of God,that he was removed from my life or else I would have been a 12 or 13 year old mom. T

TequilaNervous2012.10.11 - 11:06PM1: A Parent's IreSigned
I know I'd do something like that too..I'm not a mother, but if one of my brothers or anybody I love have to endure ever something like that, I'd go mad and do something terrible...

Jenniemay2012.06.28 - 06:07PM1: A Parent's IreSigned
Closure. Thanks

charlie132012.03.18 - 10:35PM1: A Parent's IreSigned
That story brought back memories for me too and I have kept my girls close to me because I know I would have done something horrible if someone ever touched them. Thnx. Charli

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