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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

bubbles282018.04.27 - 11:36AM32: Explorations (part 2)Signed
Is the potion good for 24hrs? Otherwise #babysnape is a possibility

ASchaffalit2014.10.21 - 10:58AM32: Explorations (part 2)Signed
This lovely, sweetly sarcastic,and Riveting story is on my Favourites list, and will stay there, whether dressed in all it's finished finery, that is, Completed, or not. It is so good. I hope your health turned to the better, and that you can still write, and, please, disregard the sad, terrible ending of Canon HP, and let us see and read more of Ironic, tender Severus, witty, sly, warmhearted Hermione, their animals, Sour Crooks ,who will perhaps relent and let his mate have their kittens on top of Severus's second best cloak?, the feud with Harry ( who Ought to have more memory of their friendship), her parents, Dumbledore and Minerva,(throwing Hawaian-style Lake-parties for the staff - umbrellas, anyone?) ... and Severus' House, who ?/which ? is an actor in this play in his/her/ it's own right. Please, do find green ink, find a quill, do, please, update, even if it means, jumping a bit ahead in the timeline. Or back , anything that says ''Ennervate'' to your Muse. When she touches the lyra, and sounds and words from her hit the paper, we, like Orfeo's audience , are spellbound. '' Pietate, write, do .... ... ...'' * Hopeful sigh* WE Want More. Rating 40.

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely review, I appreciate it. :) I still have health issues but will update when I can.

greysky82011.01.08 - 04:39PM32: Explorations (part 2)Signed
She forgot her potion. :O

Author's Response: No she didn't. :)

morningstar2010.11.03 - 03:14PM32: Explorations (part 2)Signed

Fuzzyface2010.11.02 - 11:24AM32: Explorations (part 2)Signed
You are such a wonderful storyteller, please finish this one. Please?

Dryad2010.10.09 - 09:27AM32: Explorations (part 2)Signed
Okay, Imhilien...I've finished Scarab, so now its YOUR turn to finish this wonderful story. (what can i say...this has been in my top 5 favs for YEARS) Love you and miss you!

FlittterKat2010.07.16 - 01:20AM32: Explorations (part 2)Signed
I so enjoyed reading your story. Your Severus is finally getting the unconditional love he deserves. I've enjoyed seeing what happened after Hermione's glimpse into the future. Wonders what happened during the rest of the weekend and later on. I hope you come back to it.

loreen772010.02.17 - 05:01PM32: Explorations (part 2)Signed
I have really been loving this story, I hope you get a chance to see where it goes. You are a very engaging writer and I enjoy your style.

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