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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

vickety2017.04.01 - 11:06PM41: EpilogueSigned
This was weird and wonderful. Thanks!

loreen772016.02.17 - 08:17AM41: EpilogueSigned
Bravo. What a wonderful story. Started so dark yet ended with hope and a gentle sweetness. Your writing style and cadence was unique and enjoyable to read. That you for sharing your vision. 10+ and a new favorite for me.

Leraiv Snape2015.04.20 - 03:36PM41: EpilogueSigned
This story has a surprisingly sweet and healing ending, given the darkness of the beginning and the subject. I know that I picked this up once, I think before it was finished, and I was glad to find it again. A thoroughly entrancing tale - thank you for taking the time to share it!

Awapuhi2014.09.09 - 05:53AM41: EpilogueSigned
This story is definitely my favorite one among everything I've read about SS-HG. ( "A Walking Shadow" of yours is the second at my top-list:). So intense, so powerful, so deep and SO insane - I could taste it! I lack the words to express my admiration. This story's been etched into my heart and soul.

Claery2013.12.04 - 12:21AM41: EpilogueSigned
An original and amazing story. I loved it. Thank you very much for sharing.

jaemistoryteller2013.11.25 - 10:33AM41: EpilogueSigned
Such a very beautiful story. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

ASchaffalit2013.09.17 - 11:25PM41: EpilogueSigned
Beautiful and moving...I'm so glad it was finished like this. I love it, and will read it, when life gets too dark. The thought that a Muggleborn ghost has great powers, just because she doesn't know something is supposed to be impossible, and therefore, she can. I'm taking this with me in my heart and thought. You've given me a private, little Taraxacum seed . That will help and give hope when needed. Isn't it good that dandelions are so prolific and unconquorable ? In Europe they are both a symbol of underground Resistance, and of knowledge: on the Larrousse dictionary. Thank you for this story, and have a happy life.

omi2012.10.09 - 07:41PM41: EpilogueSigned
your story was an intense experience. i'm glad and relieved that the characters found some measure of the peace they sorely needed. i found myself getting invested in their well-being, which really just speaks to your talent as a writer. overall quite an unsettling premise, but undeniably good :)

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