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Reviews for Catspaws

loreen772014.01.13 - 07:21PM8: Chapter EightSigned
Glad Harry will get the help he needs.

Jong_Kahn2010.03.03 - 05:40AM8: Chapter EightSigned
Excellent chapter! But you need to know that to make something liquid is to "liquify" it, not 'liquidize' it. Therefore, Hermione used LIQUIFIED rat in their potion, not "liquidized'! Other than that, a fine chapter indeed.

Author's Response: Per dictionary.com, "liquidize" is an acceptable synonym for "liquify". That said, I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

verasuspense2009.01.16 - 08:39PM8: Chapter EightSigned
McCavity is a "gingery tom"? Since Hermione mistook the hair of Millicent Bulstrode's cat for hers in CoS, does that mean Millicent is a redhead? I always pictured her as having black hair, but maybe that's just because she's Slytherin.

Author's Response: You're the first person who's ever called me out on that! My idea is that Millicent acquired Macavity sometime during her third year.

cassity2822009.01.13 - 11:29PM8: Chapter EightSigned
well,it is sad that harry has gone nutters ,but at least he will get the help he needs and leave hermione alone. i cant wait till the next chapter! i am realy enjoying this story,please keep it up!

Author's Response: Catspaws is completely finished. I'm uploading a new chapter every few days to give people time to read.

miamadwyn2009.01.11 - 05:10PM8: Chapter EightSigned
Ah, the touch of romance when Snape grew protective of Hermione. And of course Duster is doing his best to bring them together, which I love.

Trawler2009.01.11 - 04:33PM8: Chapter EightSigned
This is shaping up to be a fantastic story! I love that part of the tale is being told from a completely different point of view - and that the Hogwarts Familiars think of their owners as 'pets'. I have to admit, I didn't see Harry's mental breakdown coming, but it was excellently handled. I can't wait to read more, and I hope you update more soon :)

FascinatingSnape2009.01.11 - 12:06PM8: Chapter EightSigned
I love this story. Thanks for the new spin. I love the familiar characters. Update soon, please. Now, I'm off to read your other work.

verasuspense2009.01.11 - 11:00AM8: Chapter EightSigned
i hope this isn't going to end with Hermione having to kill Harry to save Severus.

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