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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

AmyLouise2009.01.11 - 06:29AM39: ButSigned
I've been wondering, ever since Hermione mentioned getting the little ghost a wand, just how she would manage it. Now we know - sort of. And obviously Severus will have to stay if Hermione can't control her darkness, but if he's unwilling, that doesn't bode well for the relationship.

hiddden2009.01.10 - 05:17PM39: ButSigned
At last an update. I have to read the previous 3 chapters to remember what's going on but still enjoy it. Not long to go by the sounds of things. Still really good and I love the imagery.

Jong_Kahn2009.01.10 - 03:14AM39: ButSigned
Aaaagh, aaaagh, finish, please, finish! Take another few chapters if you must, but please don't let this wonderful story languish unfinished! It's too, too good! (Excellent, really!)

greenwood2009.01.09 - 07:32PM39: ButSigned
Wow! Just when you think things will begin to settle down for a proper happy ending you sort of leave us with some nagging questions. The last three chapters were brilliant. I really liked the bit about Albus and Grindiwaldt (sorry for sp) had split the wizzarding community and hence the school. That he was just as much at fault for the crack as the other. I really look forward to the next chapter(s) when they come. Well done!

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