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Reviews for Happy Birthday, Professor Snape

Svenja2018.02.18 - 09:11AM1: Happy Birthday, Professor SnapeSigned
Awww! :) It's lovely. :) I do actually think of him every year on his birthday, which is only a few days after mine.

Author's Response: Glad Iím not the only one! Thanks for the review!

loreen772014.03.26 - 03:56PM1: Happy Birthday, Professor SnapeSigned
Nice job!

ickle_cat2012.04.30 - 12:36PM1: Happy Birthday, Professor SnapeSigned
sad to see that one end very cute :)

ALANRICKMANFAN212009.12.08 - 06:13AM1: Happy Birthday, Professor SnapeSigned
Itís my birthday 8th of December (1983) today so I thought it appropriate to read something about my fav couples Hermione/Severus birthdays!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, and happy birthday!

Black Aliss2009.04.13 - 10:56PM1: Happy Birthday, Professor SnapeSigned
Sniff..sniff..I LOVE this story. I am still PO'd at R.for her dismissive treatment of SS. He deserved better at the least and even more if you judge his fandom following. So with your charming short story you allow him to have one happy day. Thank you and OBVIOUSLY chocolate and applause all around!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I, too, was very very upset with the way Severus was dealt with in the final book. That's why I choose to believe that it was all a ruse and that he lives on somewhere, happy and free. Long live Snape!

Prof M McGonagall2009.01.10 - 12:41PM1: Happy Birthday, Professor SnapeSigned
Very nice. I thought you had their personalities pegged just right. I loved how Severus finally just gives a little smile to himself right towrd the end there. Good job, and Happy Birthday, Severus!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!

LilithTavari2009.01.10 - 06:11AM1: Happy Birthday, Professor SnapeSigned
How very delightful! I loved this - it seems to capture the personalities of both in a very sweet little snapshot. On an interesting but more or less unrelated note, this portion of January seems to play host to several fabulous birthdays - Not only was our dear Severus born on the ninth, but the eighth brought us not only Elvis (the King), but the inestimable David Bowie. Perhaps JKR is onto something! Anyway, I digress. Thanks for posting!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! I forgot it was Elvis' b-day too. Thanks for reminding me! - Hope Elvis and Snape are giving 'em hell up in heaven, lol.

Drinking chocolate2009.01.09 - 09:21PM1: Happy Birthday, Professor SnapeSigned
Thanks, Hermione! I tried to go celebrate Snape's birthday tonight with some dark, bitter drinking chocolate -- only to find that the local chocolate cafe is closing early every night until Jan 10! Which is, in its own perverse way, a funny celebration of Snape's birthday. I hope the Professor stays warm for the match.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! lol, sorry you didn't get your celebratory chocolate.

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