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Reviews for Catspaws

Jong_Kahn2014.01.08 - 03:50AM5: Chapter FiveSigned
This chapter was submitted about five years ago. I'm glad you're still working on it. It's a worthwhile story, and you're a good writer. Thank you for all your work. Please accept another "10"...

Eva_Snape2009.01.06 - 09:44PM5: Chapter FiveSigned
Oh for crying out loud why doesn't she just tell him she is not interested so he'll get the idea and hopefully move on. He's just going to keep after her.

Author's Response: Some guys have to be hit with a clue-bat before they get the message.

neelix2009.01.06 - 02:03PM5: Chapter FiveSigned
Great to see an update for this, I am really enjoying it!

Author's Response: And *drumroll* the next chapter has also been submitted. It's now in the hands of the illustrious mods.

Coastalcat2009.01.06 - 01:56PM5: Chapter FiveSigned
Huge THANK YOU for the Catspaw update! Great story--love the humor (makes a nice change from all the 'drama')--I'm pleased to know it's complete, but for the actual updating process.

Author's Response: Chapter Six has been submitted to the mods for processing. It should be up soon! Glad you're enjoying the tale!

Aoibheann2009.01.06 - 01:04AM5: Chapter FiveSigned
“Miss Granger, cease this prancing about immediately." Goodness that line makes me laugh.

Author's Response: Catspaws was supposed to be comedy. Somewhere along the way, it developed a plot, but lines like that one are a testimonial to its origins.

verasuspense2009.01.05 - 08:25PM5: Chapter FiveSigned
Cadborosaurus wilsi? Are you Canadian?

Author's Response: Nope - American.

arianwen22009.01.05 - 06:57PM5: Chapter FiveSigned
A 'Catspaws' update, YAYS! I started over from the beginning to refresh my memory and loved every bit. But yikes ... Harry really does need help, doesn't he? And understandly so, but clinging to Hermione like a Devil's Snare and trying to browbeat her into abandoning her dreams to make him happy is unbelievably selfish and unfair. Hopefully our intrepid familiars can find some willing witch to fulfill Harry while allowing Hermione to find happiness with someone capable of supporting Hermione in the pursuit of her own dreams. Great update, can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Catspaws is complete in 14 chapters. I just have to get them all uploaded. I hope you continue to enjoy the tale.

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