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Reviews for Macushla

Jong_Kahn2015.05.07 - 12:56AM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
I love when Severus gets the happy ending he should have gotten. Thank you for writing it for them, and for us!

Jong_Kahn2015.05.07 - 12:53AM2: Chapter TwoSigned
Nice to know Harry knew, and was covering for her.

Jong_Kahn2015.05.07 - 12:51AM1: Chapter OneSigned
Ah, so that's when this is taking place, during the long bout of camping.

loreen772013.07.16 - 11:23PM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
Very sweet.

loreen772013.07.16 - 11:19PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Unusual start, very interesting.

Buggy2012.05.25 - 01:04PM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
That was beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you :) Have you listened to the song? I love it x

Silvermage2009.03.17 - 05:37PM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
Short and sweet - made me smile! Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad people are still reading this.

kizzy72008.12.11 - 11:54AM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
*waves pom-poms* Muuaahh back at ya, dear! And yes, the end is my favorite part! ~sigh~

Author's Response: Mine too! What would we do without a little fluff, eh?

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