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Reviews for You Could Be Mine

megalomanic2014.02.21 - 08:54PM1: One ShotSigned
Thank goodness for random fics! Loved this.. Thank you for writing it. :)

Jong_Kahn2013.11.19 - 12:29AM1: One ShotSigned
Quite nice! I first came to Ashwinder five years ago on 11-17; this story is only about three weeks newer than that. I'm sorry I missed it then, but am glad Random found it for me now. I really enjoy your writing. Thanks for this and all your other Severus and Hermione tales!

loreen772013.06.02 - 10:28PM1: One ShotSigned
YUM! LM/SS/HG trio, love it.

Lucretia1232012.04.17 - 03:35AM1: One ShotSigned
Love it!

fleetzz2010.12.01 - 11:35AM1: One ShotSigned
Love time travel ...

SylvaniaSnape2010.03.05 - 03:15PM1: One ShotSigned
I loved it even more on the additional readings of it .

Maria2009.10.26 - 02:56PM1: One ShotSigned
I remember this story - and it's still just as brilliant and satisfying as it was the first time round!!

nimath7722009.01.19 - 02:35PM1: One ShotSigned
Very nice story...As hot as the idea of the three of them together is, I'm glad he told Lucius to bugger off and kept Hermione just for him. Thanks!

Author's Response: Me too!! hehehe

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