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Reviews for The Road Not Taken

Jong_Kahn2013.03.17 - 01:23AM1: one shotSigned
I'm afraid you did too good a job of misleading readers. I didn't believe the narrator was Ron. The measured cadence of his words, the vocabulary, the flow of his language did not feel Ron-like. While I would give adult Ron more credit than he usually gets as ''moRon', this seems too much a stretch in the other direction. Glad to know Severus and Hermione got married, though!

Author's Response: Hi thanks for the thoughts.

Maria2012.07.04 - 02:25PM1: one shotSigned
As terrible as Ron's pain is, this is so beautifully evocative.

Author's Response: I'm glad it pleased thanks for the review.

loreen772011.09.04 - 08:19PM1: one shotSigned
Bad gremlins eating things they should not. Nice story. You had me fooled for a moment.

Author's Response: The gremlins were truly voracious, Thanks for reviewing.

kandikrisp2009.07.28 - 08:02PM1: one shotSigned
I really enjoyed this story, though my concern comes with the voice. For the longest time, I thought the narrator was Snape because of the diction and syntax. I'm afraid that what we know of Ron-- even giving him a few years of maturity and intelligence-- wouldn't give him the voice of an intellectual like this. It's a fine piece of fiction, but I worry that it's a bit OOC, or at least out of tone.

Author's Response: Hi kandikrisp, I'm happy you enjoyed it. My intention was to mislead with the voice but I didn't read it as being a voice of an intellectual, just an intelligent (more mature) observer who has had cause to reflect upon events with more insight than normal due to the nature of the events. Certainly I think Ron has a brain, chess is a game of skilll and strategy which demands a certain degree of intellect to play well and Ron plays well. But hey, the wonder of all characters is that we all have our own mental image of them, and if this didn't quite fit yours then I thank you for compliments and agree to disagree on the voice. Thanks for reading and reviewing.S

Snapes Phoenix2009.05.15 - 03:22AM1: one shotSigned
so sad - i really thought it was severus at first and was on tenterhooks waiting to see who it was that hermione was marrying. i'm so glad it was him but i hope poor ron finds some happiness. not much of a ron fan anyway but he does tend to get bashed a lot - poor guy.

Author's Response: Hi yes, it is not Ron's fault that he and Hermione would just not work, and I wanted to write something from his viewpoint. Don't worry he probably spends a year out in exotic places finds a witch who loves him and has a big family. All the while Severus and Hermione are happily together. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

FireBlade2009.05.03 - 03:40PM1: one shotSigned
My review was lost, so I re-found this and decided to leave you another. I love the suspense that you hold us in, until you reveal who the groom is. Amazing.

Author's Response: Hi Fireblade, Very kind of you to leave another review. The gremlins ate both my story and all the reviews a while back. I'm happy you liked it on the re- read too. S

Tangerine Dream2009.03.28 - 04:08PM1: one shotSigned
Wow wonderful and powerful! I really thought it was Severus in the wings at first! I am so glad it isn't though.

Author's Response: Hi, glad you liked the style of this one as well as the others you reviewed.Thank you for the kind words. S.

Strawcherry2008.12.08 - 12:44PM1: one shotSigned
Reviewed this before, but it got deleted so I thought I'd leave another! I really like how you steer us on the wrong path with this one. I was torn between relief that it wasn't Severus and pity for Ron (who I thought was Severus) and his predicament. But since I am a HG/SS shipper, I'd have to say I felt more relieved and satisfied than anything else! Hehe, well done.

Author's Response: Hi Strawcherry. Thanks for reviewing again and for your kind words.Cheers.

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