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Reviews for Y Broga

asprickman2012.11.27 - 10:18AM1: One.Signed
Cute, fluffy and yet Severus is totally believable; your characterisation is always brilliant. I love this little family story, perfect when in need of cheering up - love your writing, don't stop! x

Author's Response: I do enjoy putting him out of his comfort zone and thank you for letting me know I brought a glow to your heart.

loreen772011.09.04 - 10:40PM1: One.Signed
Very cute.

Author's Response: Thanks again for reviewing.

Alexa19932011.05.30 - 01:00PM1: One.Signed

Author's Response: Thank you.

Karfinwen2009.12.17 - 12:00PM1: One.Signed
There is no such thing as too much Severus/Hermione/hammock fic. I <3 the fluff bunny lol.

Author's Response: Ah, the fluff bunny so likes to hop and skip into my mind. I'm happy he pleased you so.

Merry Grace2008.11.20 - 12:41AM1: One.Signed
This is adorable and well written. You've managed to capture a believable happy Snape, which is not easy to do. ;) Well done you. I had just read some serious angst before this that made me want to slit my wrists, so this story came as a great refreshment to me. Thank you. ;)

Author's Response: Hi MerryGrace, thanks for the review nice to hear you think he was believable. Even better it cheered you up. I intend to have some more in this setting up before Christmas so if Christmas fluff is 'your thing' ... Thanks.

Mooncat2008.11.11 - 08:48PM1: One.Signed
AAWWWWW! Wow, that's the cutest, fluffiest story I've read in quite while. Thank you very much for brightening my evening. Cat

Author's Response: Yes ,well sorry about the fluff.There is this bunny and sometimes he holds me at carrot point until certain fluff is inflicted on people . I'm glad it made your day a bit better. Thanks.

kizzy72008.11.08 - 11:32AM1: One.Signed
*sigh* Happy, happy fluff! I always feel that there are not enough stories out there that simply dwell on a happily married Severus and Hermione... No, we always have to have some sort of gruesome twist, hehe. But I did love this... so romantic!

Author's Response: Thanks kizzy7, be assured if I write anything in this setting it will be fluff. Sometimes the bunny just can't be contained. Check in December for a fluff laden Christmas one working title of Yr Eira.

Isode2008.11.07 - 08:20AM1: One.Signed
It's a rare author who can send me out the door to work with a smile on my face. Thanks.

Author's Response: No, thank you for (a) calling me an author,my head is swelling as I type and (b) reading and reviewing it is good to know I made someone smile.

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