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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

loreen772016.02.17 - 07:39AM37: Ex HibernaSigned
I suspected it would be Hermione, but then asthe ring started initially enlarging for Severus' finger I thought I was wrong. Great chapter. I am most curious to see what the seed can do now that it has been planted.

dreamcatcher12009.07.06 - 04:40PM37: Ex HibernaSigned
A most logical choice. Did not see it coming though

hedgehog2008.10.30 - 09:30PM37: Ex HibernaSigned
Great chapter! I want to know who the little ghost is!

AmyLouise2008.10.23 - 10:31PM37: Ex HibernaSigned
I'm glad it's Hermione - I always expected that's what she'd do in canon; I could never see her becoming a Weasley mother, and I was sure she'd teach and one day become Headmistress. JKR got it so terribly wrong! And more and more, I love the little ghost, and mourn what was lost to the wizarding world. But she's still able to play a vital part, and I'm looking forward to what will come.

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