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Reviews for Dannoedd

loreen772011.09.04 - 07:41PM1: OneSigned

Author's Response: Thank you.

iris m2010.12.27 - 08:59AM1: OneSigned

Author's Response: Thank you

FireBlade2009.05.03 - 03:37PM1: OneSigned
Hahaha. Amazing, aw poor Severus, scared of the dreaded dentist eh? Great work.

Author's Response: Hi Fireblade, Thanks for all the reviews. Glad it made you smile. Shuldham.

Tangerine Dream2009.03.28 - 04:03PM1: OneSigned
Wonderful and unexpected! I was thinking along the lines of Hermione giving birth. Well written!

Author's Response: Hi Tangerine Dream, thanks for the compliments. Good to know the ruse worked. S

Black Aliss2009.01.16 - 08:57PM1: OneSigned
Wow! LOL indeed! I am just entering into a third phase of teeth and gum repair and wonder how my dentist, wife and children will enjoy Europe..so as you can see, I REALLY enjoyed this, you evil writer you! More please...(do you give nitrous?).hahahha..

Author's Response: Hi, so glad it made you laugh. With the exception of possibly Germany best to bring an American dentist along to Europe. Check out my others with odd looking titles if you want more of the same. Have fun and thanks.

cee2lee22009.01.06 - 08:03PM1: OneSigned
That was very funny! Thanks for the grin.

Author's Response: Thanks.

Snype Snape2008.11.13 - 07:50AM1: OneSigned
Imagine what it would be like as a Rowling Wizard experiencing this particular experience for the first time. Hell, it's bad enough for people who know what to expect... I am amazed Snape didn't hex everyone present in response to the first ominous sound. Hilarious!

Author's Response: I feel like hexing mine sometimes and I know what's coming. Thanks for reading and reviewing glad you enjoyed it.

tinytexans2008.10.06 - 08:46PM1: OneSigned
HAHAHAHAHA! OH, man!! You had me going. *wipes brow* phew. That was good...

Author's Response: Hi I'm happy it made you laugh. Thanks for reviewing.

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