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Reviews for Hermione's Song

maraniamh2012.07.20 - 05:20AM1: Hermione's SongSigned
So beautiful. My favourite paragraph is the one about Snape's past starting with "No; you already know the answer.". You've achieved a wonderful, accurate and heart-breaking portrayal of both characters.

duj2008.09.27 - 07:12AM1: Hermione's SongSigned
Much truth.

Author's Response: Thanks, duj. I am trying to put together my first HG/SS story in my "spare" (!) time -- and it's given me a lot of food for thought.

debjunk2008.09.27 - 01:51AM1: Hermione's SongSigned
I liked it. That last line was a bit sad, though. She knows him very well, it seems.

Author's Response: Yes, it is sad. I am quietly working on my first HG/SS story, and it seems to me that Hermione would have so many obstacles to overcome if ever she were truly to win Severus's heart. And in the case of my pending story, death is the least obstacle.

Author's Response: I must add: This is not to say that the brightest witch of her age would actually fail in her quest. . . ;-)

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