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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

snapefan19832014.09.30 - 06:15PM19: Samhain: CasualtiesSigned
what does the curse of hermione do??

snapefan19832014.09.30 - 06:04PM19: Samhain: CasualtiesSigned
what about the baby why were they not worried about that?? also i thought hermione was the Raven the one of the profesy?? “The Raven will fall, the Snake will protect,” said a voice behind them.

snapefan19832014.09.30 - 05:46PM19: Samhain: CasualtiesSigned
SEVERUS didnt love Rowena did he??? Severus didn’t answer; Harry couldn’t understand why the stern Potions Master kept thinking of the young woman in his arms as Rowena. Salazar loved Rowena but he, Severus Snape, couldn’t love; he didn’t think he knew how.

marisamarinee2014.09.28 - 02:03AM19: Samhain: CasualtiesSigned
she lost the baby?

chrissyseebs2006.04.30 - 01:35PM19: Samhain: CasualtiesSigned
I like the fight with the weasley twins, in fact everyone seems quite lighthearted throughout.

Clair2004.01.27 - 05:59PM19: Samhain: CasualtiesAnonymous
God damn voldemort.... their kid would of been so cute...

liquidscissors2004.01.27 - 02:16PM19: Samhain: CasualtiesSigned
I'll keep this short, sweet and succinct; fan-fucking-tastic.

Losumi2004.01.27 - 12:49PM19: Samhain: CasualtiesAnonymous
Oh, NO WAY! That's so sad! But somehow, I think all will turn right in the end...right? RIGHT? (Please???)

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