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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

marisamarinee2014.06.05 - 12:30AM6: DetentionSigned
You're ruining it Sev

ElectricBloo2008.03.26 - 05:39PM6: DetentionSigned
Cheers for posting.

MollysSister2005.11.18 - 11:01PM6: DetentionSigned
Now that was just plain cruel on Snapes part. I know he cant become involved with a student but he doesnt have to be so blantant in shoving her away does he? Anyway I like the idea of Hermoine taking the summer off from studying and enjoying working outside with her hands. gardening is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy life.

DesertRose2004.01.28 - 06:51AM6: DetentionAnonymous
More soon, please!

lyress2004.01.27 - 07:34PM6: DetentionAnonymous
ooooooooooo so sad, i felt positively tearful at the end of this chapter. you can not leave it so, please bring joy and a happy ending soon.

Z2004.01.27 - 01:18PM6: DetentionAnonymous
Sad. Hope she takes the job. Eager for the next chapter. Lovely writing as always! Thanks!

Losumi2004.01.27 - 07:39AM6: DetentionAnonymous
Am really loving this story -- and I *remember* being Hermione's age. With or without a look at the future, every conversation, every look, every glance *meant* something and required much thought to put the clues together. Very realistic!

Estrilda2004.01.27 - 02:58AM6: DetentionAnonymous
ooh - just kept getting better - loved the clues about whether H & R wanted her or just wanted to compete and the references that support the likelihood of the vision outcomes - more, please?

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