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Reviews for A Berry Frustrating Wager

loreen772016.06.15 - 09:54PM1: A Berry Frustrating WagerSigned
Lol. Cute!

Buggy2012.11.27 - 12:22AM1: A Berry Frustrating WagerSigned
oh my, that was rather yummy.

Author's Response: And not just the berries? :P

Tangerine Dream2010.06.13 - 06:34AM1: A Berry Frustrating WagerSigned
Lucious torture!!

Author's Response: Innit, though? :)

sevspet2009.07.05 - 06:46PM1: A Berry Frustrating WagerSigned
Mmm...delicious! Such sweet torture.

Author's Response: Indeed! :D

FireBlade2009.07.03 - 06:23PM1: A Berry Frustrating WagerSigned
Oh if only she knew before the bet how much he could torture her with simple things. :) Great writing and attention to details.

Author's Response: Oh, perhaps she knew... but she knows better now. :)

rent_serenity2008.12.07 - 11:57AM1: A Berry Frustrating WagerSigned
that was fun.

Author's Response: :D Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed!

asp12542008.09.17 - 12:44PM1: A Berry Frustrating WagerSigned
exquisite torture!!!! anita asp1254

Author's Response: I agree! :D Thank you!

lulabelle722008.09.16 - 04:45PM1: A Berry Frustrating WagerSigned
Hermione! She should know never to make a bet with a Slytherin -- even if she wanted to lose, the outcome is never what you think it will be. Perhaps five, six strawberries down the road, she'll get what she originally wanted. ;)

Author's Response: ;D Crafty Slytherin! Thank you for the review!

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