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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

loreen772016.02.16 - 06:33AM35: To DustSigned
Bravo. That was such brilliant dialogue. Raw and evocative.

AmyLouise2008.09.28 - 11:52PM35: To DustSigned
It looks as if Shriver will regret the day he decided to tangle with Hermione - she's not the schoolgirl of the immediate post-Voldemort days. But the ghosts are also intriguing - looks as if they're going to play a very active role.

Charlotte Brandon2008.09.15 - 06:51PM35: To DustSigned
Shriver won't know what hit him! :D

hiddden2008.09.15 - 04:15PM35: To DustSigned
That was very good. I liked the breaking of Shriver metaphorically and literally and the possible castration metaphors. Or was that just me?

lkmaide2008.09.15 - 01:54AM35: To DustSigned
I got chills, but it could be because its really cold in here. Now, does the plot bunny have a plan to follow or do the ghosts dictate whats happening here?

Author's Response: I assure you that the ghosts are operating at the behest of the all-knowing bunny. All hail the bunny :) Thanks for your review! ~ Ari

ellenin2008.09.14 - 09:42PM35: To DustSigned
Yes! Shriver got smacked down! Well done!

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