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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

greenwood2008.09.15 - 08:11PM34: Of DustSigned
Oh man, what a fate! Things go in there but no one ever sees them again (unless you are Harry potter searching for to halt the end of the world!). Great chapter.

Phoenix Stang2008.09.11 - 05:31PM34: Of DustSigned
Great read so far!! Nice change of pace..one of those storys you have to slow down and read to fully understand. Great writting! Cant wait for an update.. Im still figuring out whos going to be the next headmaster or headmistress... hmm although I have an idea. UPDATEE!! pleeasee

hiddden2008.09.07 - 12:34PM34: Of DustSigned
definitely. How are you going to get her out now?

ellenin2008.09.07 - 02:00AM34: Of DustSigned
Pardon the language, but Shriver is an asshole. I hope Snape fries his rapist butt.

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