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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

loreen772016.02.15 - 10:47PM33: The Valley of the ShadowSigned
Best chapter yet. Love this but way past my bedtime. So gotta stop here for now.

Aurora2010.03.12 - 04:25AM33: The Valley of the ShadowSigned
This is a REALLY awesome story!!! It just gets better and better as the plot twists, and the prose is as smooth as chocolate. Bravo!!!

morrowinde2010.01.01 - 06:10PM33: The Valley of the ShadowSigned
Oooh! So finally Hermione is putting herself back together, even if it's a less idealistic and much darker version of herself :>

greenwood2008.09.03 - 05:20PM33: The Valley of the ShadowSigned
I'm so very glad to see an update! What an amazing story. I can't wait to find out what will happen next. I was so glad Harmione finally saw Neville. It was a healing that had to take place. Maybe things will get better for her and Severus soon.

motherofdeafson2008.08.31 - 02:06AM33: The Valley of the ShadowSigned
Oh my God what an awesome story, I can't wait until it is completed.

hiddden2008.08.30 - 04:51PM33: The Valley of the ShadowSigned
So if Hermione can see ghosts does that mean she has been released from the Horcrux? It's getting better and better. I always think of this story in black and white for some reason a sort of monochorome chiaroscuro effect.

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