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Reviews for The Price Was Right - The Sequel

Farsideomoon2014.07.05 - 04:18PM1: How Much?Signed
She fainted, hilarious.

loreen772013.07.17 - 07:44PM5: Done DealSigned
I liked this better than the original, nice job.

loreen772013.07.17 - 05:37PM1: How Much?Signed
Interesting start.

Buggy2012.05.25 - 12:47PM5: Done DealSigned
Loved it and another great ending.

cottontail2011.11.17 - 06:00PM4: A Cure For What Ails YouSigned
Oh way to go Hermione ! IThe dinning room table what a lovely scene that must have been. I loved how she had Narcissa sit and watch in silence. I knew this was going to be fun.

cottontail2011.11.17 - 05:51PM3: Watching and WaitingSigned
Hahaha... what a great chapter. I was wondering how long you were going to wait till Hermione snapped into action. No offence taken, she was being crude and demanding.

cottontail2011.11.17 - 05:41PM2: Trust MeSigned
Mph, I can only imagine how furious Serverus would be if he caught her sneaking around. It would again be a reflection on him. But then again we are dealing with Narcissa and who the hell knows what is up her sleeve. What a way to keep us all interested. I'm having quite a bit of fun reading this. Thanks.

cottontail2011.11.17 - 05:31PM1: How Much?Signed
Hermione could not have imagined that Severus would have been that upset over her comment as it was a direct insult to him, she was only thinking how much Narcissa wanted him and it made her jealous. Of course you had to let Narcissi get him, you just had to throw a wrench into things didn't you. :-) Let's see how well Hermione can handle it and what exactly will Narcissa do to try and seduce Severus. Oh it will be fun to read I am sure. Question, they bond for life correct, so just getting a muggle divorce would not really be accepted in the wizarding world. Meanwhile it is another year later and Ron has had a child with Lavender, so really Hermione is worried about other people knowing about them while Ron has a child with someone else...

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